"Elevate Your Life"

I mentor women with massive vision utilizing aligned strategies, feminine leadership, and elevated energetics

sound familiar?


You have a business that you want to grow or a project you want to see through.

You want to make a big impact.

You want massive freedom.

Sustainable change happens when you change your energy. Dream lives and goals manifest with aligned actions, accountability, and  most importantly and elevated frequency.

Together, we will implement new ways of doing, thinking, being, and feeling. Which in turn creates new opportunities, experiences, and relationships. A more expanded life awaits, and the personal and business results you desire can finally be yours! Imagine feeling passionate daily, and well…. REALLY living!

Lets create a future that you love today, no longer living the same mundane life.


you're not alone

Everyday I'm inspired by creatives like you who are making their dreams come true!

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words of appreciation

Client Love

Now I know the direction I am going and I know what I need to do to get there! And before I started working with you I had no idea! I trust the Universe that when I ask things will be given to me. Now I know I have the right to ask and receive! How amazing is this? Thanks to you Jen and your sparkling shining light that shone on a path and helped me to get out of the ditch I was in. 🙏 I am so so grateful our paths have crossed.
Coaching with Jenn, I finally became a women I actually love and admire. And amazing things started to happen. My life and my services became clear for the first time ever. My business tripled. My relationships are thriving. I wake up to a full inbox of people wanting to know more about what I do. I am eternally grateful to Jenn and her coaching. Best investment I’ve made.
Working with Jenn changed my life in many ways. I came To love myself and life again, and the best part is things started to happen. It’s like even when I decided, interesting things began to happen, synchronicities and coincidences.. it was even like things I wanted started to just appear, and continue to. It’s like I turned on my superpowers!

Hi! I'm Jenn

About Me

Most days you can find Jenn at home on the pacific coast with her family, enjoying the outdoors, yummy food, and chill time with loved ones. Her favorite part of her “work” is supporting women to create a life they are obsessed with. Jenn has been a trained coach for 16 years, and from a young age has been on a deep spiritual path.

At a very young age, she would see and feel energy, yet she was not taught how to use it, or what to do with it, until later in life. 

Then at 16 years of age, she would take a train every Tuesday evening into Manhattan from her hometown on Long Island, to go to a Course In Miracles class.

It was then that things she saw and felt, started to make sense. Jenn’s personal mission is to help women open up to the power and intuition they already have, and to learn to use those gifts to live deeply aligned.

Because when you are living in alignment, you attract all the goodness your crave right to you.

how can i help

I support women who are yearning for freedom and who long to live a life they totally love..

I know you are waiting… waiting to feel powerful, connected, intentional, and passionate…lets have you stop waiting and start actually living!

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